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Owner Editable website's... what's the big deal?

mel at webwordwizards speaks about owner editability... why it is a big dealHi... my name is Mel. I am senior partner and web designer at webwordwizards. May I take this opportunity to thank you for stopping by our website.

I'd like to share some thoughts with you about why we believe owner editable website's are a big deal.

What does "owner editable" mean?
In short it means self publishing. It means you and your staff have the ability to write and publish text, images, downloadable pdf files directly to your own website without having to go through your web designer.

Publishing is no longer the reserve of the few.
"All Publishing has always greatly empowered any organisation in a free society. That is why for many centuries the ability of those who were permitted to run printing presses, newspapers, tv and radio has in many societies and cultures been carefully controlled.

"Carefully controlled"... why?
Well because it is recognised that those who are media means empowered, can communicate to the widest target audience and can form, shape opinion as well as influence events and outcomes in their favour to suit their own agenda more then those who can not do so.

This is why, when a coupe takes place one of the very first things seized is the tv and radio stations and again why in places like China, Burma and Iran why web publishing is very tightly controlled and restricted.

So then we can accept that those who do have the power to publish to the world wide web are at a marked advantage over and above those who can not. The next logical step in this is to recognise that those who can publish information and content to the web faster are at an even greater advantage still over those who have to always go through their website designer or a distinct and distant IT branch within their own organisation.

The waiting time for this can been days or weeks. By which time an opportunity may have passed and a topic may have lost its relevance.

Having many years ago bridged the digital divide by providing our clients with web sites that gave them a world wide platform for telling others about their products and services, webwordwizards are now creating a digital divide."

Webwordwizards are putting our clients at a distinct advantage ahead of their peers and counterparts by providing website's that are owner editable.

That's right... Webwordwizards clients who can edit their own web sites can move faster, harder and smarter to publish and seize an communication opportunity long before their counterparts have even stirred to email their web designers.

own editable website created for african caribbean citizens forum of leicester by webwordwizards

How have we done this? Basically we provide our clients with the means to write, review and publish between their directors and staff their own web content. This is called Adobe Contribute.

Using collaborative web publishing on their own pc's and notebooks they author content and either upload it directly themselves or submit it for review and publishing approval to a manager of director.

If approved he or she will then press the button to publish to the web or will return it to the writer for further alterations. Alternatively it can be passed on to a 3rd party for approval and publishing... or to a number of people for team review.

Most large companies and organisations even today in 2007 have not grasped the means, skills and understanding that is truly required for them to get the most out of the world wide web. At webwordwizards along with owner publishing and many other disciplines we guide our clients to engage, we witness time after time small companies and organisations punching way above their weight and running rings around much larger groups, organisations, companies and competitors.

Publishing Power... where it firmly belongs... with the website owner.

The following website's are just a few of the many website's made by us for organisations that can punch way above their weight with their owner editable feature.

neighbourhood management

St Peters Highfields Neighbourhood Management Leicester - An authoritative website on neighbourhood management process for st peters highfields in Leicester. This Neighbourhood Management website at is editable by board members and organisations who deliver services locally who wish to maintain information about themselves on the neighbourhood management website.

Website at - This website is one we created also that provides High Cross Quarter owners with the ability to also edit their own website. is an authoritative website on all that is pertaining to the high cross quarters. Due to the nature of this site we provided them with structure only and had no involvement with content.

Highcross Name battle and Controversy Website

So all in all we see there is an advantage attached to an organisations ability to readily move its information to the web and to leverage this mass communication medium in a dynamic self editable fashion.

Self editability is just a single part of how we enable out clients to run rings round their competitors in the information stakes.

If you would like to explore with us our web consultancy services we offer that can turbo charge your online ventures and aims please contact me directly at










Central London 0207 993 8141

The United Nations WIPO rules in our favour against Highcross Leicester developers Hammerson Plc.
Click ---> Highcross for more info

Download same Highcross Name Battle statement in PDF ---> Highcross

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