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Some of our current projects.

Neighbourhood Management Leicester
NeighbourHood Management in St Peters Leicester

High Cross Quarter Leicester
High Cross Quarter Website leicester.

Newlook Windows Leicester
newlook windows, replacement window door and conservatory manufacture and supply - leicester

Orient Psychology

MI Trust Leicester
mitrust - Located in the highcross Quarter Leicester

Selected past projects

Afrikan Leicester

All happening at WEBWORDWIZARDS

Every week see's exciting new developments and projects signed up at Webwordwizards. In addition to that we are always open to collaborations on testing new ideas, services and products which in IT there are always a great many.


This year seems to be going so fast for us as we secure new orders to develop new websites for new and existing clients.

We are also working on something that will turbo charge the way our clients present their products and services online. Can't say too much about it right now in case the idea needs to wait for technology to catch up. However our thinking is that what we are trying to do is achievable right now but extremely difficult to put together. The first site we hope to roll it out on is the st peters neighbourhood management board website.

It may well be though that we will need to sit on this idea for internet explorer 8 as well as full adoption by world wide web consortium of the draft CSS2.1 standards.

Leicester - St Peters Neighbourhood Management Website

During March we created the website for St Peters Neighbourhood Management Board.

The website was designed by Webwordwizards Senior Partner and designer personally. The design was created particularly for the work of the Neighbourhood Management Boards.

Extensive photograph galleries which allow very swift user interaction between large numbers of photographs are also included.

Website design leicester

Rapid Design

Mel explains some of the features for us... "This website superstructure was completed essentially in one week flat using 'rapid design workflow's' we ourselves have developed.

The Webwordwizards 'Rapid design workflow's' are highly optimised design processes where we break down the development stages into very carefully pre-planned tasks so that the each work element including the graphic design is carried out just in time in such a way that it is correct first time."

This rapid design method uses a much larger design workspace then what most other design agency's use, but enables us to deliver a well designed product very fast off the mark indeed where it was possible to put the focus on the actual appearance rather then the coding.

"Even though we have used new and more or less untried features the finished product is polished and more or less bug free across all browsers and platforms with only minimal troubleshooting to do in very minor issues."

Self Editable

Mel explains the self editability aspect of the design. "The responsibility for content is primarily with St Peters Neighbourhood Management Board. To this end we made the site self editable to users using the Adobe Contribute content management solution.

This 'self editability aspect will empower the users to use the website more dynamically to achieve their aims and objectives and to publicise their work. (See this article on why webwordwizards believe this is important for our clients).

It incorporates many of the other features used in some of our other website design but also some new ones which we are very excited to be able to offer our clients. A key new feature being the concertina panels which are in use here to contain this content."

Uncluttered Appearance

"The style their website demands is one of a magazine \ portal. It was therefore content heavy by nature but by use of clever design features and techniques such as the our concertina panels we were able to deliver a clean uncluttered appearance within the page structure". would like to wish St Peters Neighbourhood Management all the best with their work and their new website.

Licensing This Design

If you are involved in a Neighbourhood Management Board and would like to explore licensing the Neighbourhood Management Design for your own board then please contact us and we would be happy to discuss the choices and options for this.

Key Production Stage Now Reached


17th February 2007 - Commissioning client board given tour and demonstration of the working toolkit features, functionality and process.

Lois Wilson Chair of ACCF receives the completed The community development toolkit is an online resource offering step by step advice and guidance for small social sector or voluntary groups and organisations looking to set up a new group or to develop an existing group. It will cover over 90 subjects from obtaining finding to how to take minutes at a meeting.

On the 17th February 2007 of Leicester who are the chosen website design agency and Digital Communications Consultants for this project held a key development stage review of the website to demonstrate the completed features, process and functionality of the website to the board and web focus group at the African Caribbean Citizens Forum ( ) along with representatives of user groups.

The website when complete will be hosted at where the prototype is currently hosted. The site will go live on 31st March 2007.

From March onwards Calum Brannan the Project Manager and Jane Hart our Communications Strategy Architect at will be contacting groups in Leicestershire and the East Midlands to carry out usability testing and evaluation as well as formulate the marketing strategy for the website.

All groups will also have the opportunity to have a web page on the site that they themselves can edit to publicise and market their own groups and events.

Any questions or comments regarding this project should be sent to

We are creating and new web page design called "Concertina". Concertina has first been used on the site developed by us for the St Peters Neighbourhood Management Board. See ( . And as of March 2007 it has been used here on this page for these news items your are now reading.

The design is to incorporate gently floating content panels that will open up with a gliding action in response to intuitive interaction from the user. The benefit of this system is its ability to tidy away many articles and snippets that would otherwise present a cluttered view of a web page.

As with all webwordwizards website designs, Concertina will be cross browser compatible on all major browsers including IE6, IE7, Safari, Firefox, and Opera; and also supports older browsers such as IE5.x Windows and IE5 Mac.

Webwordwizards are pleased to announce that we have completed an important phase of the work on the ACCF website. This was in the making of the new website editable to ACCF staff, directors and content publishers.

This is important because it now gives the African Caribbean Citizens Forum a self publishing platform from which they can issue statements on issues relevant to their stakeholders as well as carry out editorial to inform their website visitors. (owner editable ... why is it a big deal...? Read More...)

Webwordwizards as part of the commission are now providing on site training in the use of Macromedia Contribute which enables them to carry this out with basic word processing skills alone. No specialist training is required.

Project Manager for this project at Webwordwizards is Mel Gordon

August saw the signing of the contract for the (CDT) Community Development Toolkit. This project is something we created a prototype for back in December 2005.

Webwordwizards won the five figure commission including prototyping, content provision and usability testing against other design agencies because our bid represented excellent value and a powerfully effective design. On top of this we have a proven track record of delivering large projects on schedule and on budget.

We are very excited to be developing this online resource centre which will also include audio and video.

Once it is finished in March 2007 we envisage that it will add a powerful flagship design to our already impressive portfolio. It will provide the commissioning client an online resource they can be proud of.

Webwordwizards are pleased to announce the signing of a contract to create a website for HCQ. The HCQ commissioned project is an alternative faith portal.

Project Manager for this project at Webwordwizards is Jane Hart


This month we took the opportunity to upgrade our design suites using dual 19 inch monitors and Intel 3.4ghz PC'S. Great places to work from and meet with clients. Here is a photo of one design suite staffed by bears... Albert and Lucy. (We try to keep them away from the keyboards.)

Webwordwizards are pleased to announce that we have been commissioned to design a new and modern website for MI TRUST.

MI TRUST are a mainstream faith aligned Trust.

We designed their current website in 2001.

Project Manager for this project at Webwordwizards is Mel Gordon

Central London 0207 993 8141

The United Nations WIPO rules in our favour against Highcross Leicester developers Hammerson Plc.
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