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The United Nations WIPO rules in our favour against Highcross Leicester developers Hammerson Plc.
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Download same Highcross Name Battle statement in PDF ---> Highcross

Current Website Projects

Some of our current projects.

Neighbourhood Management Leicester
NeighbourHood Management in St Peters Leicester

High Cross Quarter Leicester
High Cross Quarter Website leicester.

Newlook Windows Leicester
newlook windows, replacement window door and conservatory manufacture and supply - leicester

Orient Psychology

MI Trust Leicester
mitrust - Located in the highcross Quarter Leicester

Selected past projects

Afrikan Leicester


Website we designed for St Peters NM

We are website designers as well as Technology and Internet Consultants.

We have been designing, promoting and managing website's for many years now... in fact since 1996.

We also build, design, test and protect corporate networks and computer systems. Another important part of our work is network and systems intrusion detection and prevention. We would be glad to discuss these services with you in total confidence and utmost discretion.

Implementing and using collaborative workspaces along with digital administration oriented process (Basically means getting away from paper, desk top trays and filing cabinets) is a further area of expertise we cover. We would be glad to take you and introduce you to some of the organisations and companies who we have assisted in this way, showing you how it has enabled them to function better and more efficiently and explain how it would benefit your own organisation also.

Our Web Design Service

In summer of 2007 we acted to defend domain name assets for the High Cross Quarter website developed for a small local group. We successfully defended our clients and saw off the action brought by highcross leicester owners Hammerson Plc worth in excess of £7.4 Billion. So although we provide other IT Services we are also renowned for our website design and internet consultancy services.

Leicester based clients are our core customer base however we also have clients based in central london and many across the midlands. Our clients include luxury car manufacturers down to small scale artists. We also have many clients in the social and voluntary sector.

It is no exaggeration or over statement for me to say that we know a thing or two about using technology, the internet and web communications to further the aims and objectives of our clients and that we do so with great creativity, imagination and skill.

Our clients benefit from those attributes and in consequence are able to run rings around their competitors even against even much larger organisations with marketing spends that far exceed their own that they can not even possibly hope to match. Our "know how, creativity and skill " not only cancels out any size advantage they have over you but puts you out in front with a distinct edge.

Even if you are a big organisation or company with well funded, slick and polished communications and IT departments, trust me when I tell you that you really ought to get in touch with us.

It is far better to have us on your side working with you than against you for your competitors no matter how small and insignificant you think they are.

Proven Search Engine Performance Track Record

Web site designed by us for st peters neighbourhood management board... designed to inform residents and service providers, develop a large and loyal readership locally andAt Webwordwizards we pride ourselves in all that time as being designers of great website's with cutting edge but simple uncluttered design. In 2006 we began to offer owner editability as part of the design as standard. We believe this is important.

Because we appreciate that your website is an important investment of time and money for all businesses and organisations we ask you to consider very carefully your choice of the design agency you select.

To make this choice easier for those of you who have not heard of our work though a recommend or word of mouth referral we ask you to look through our extensive portfolio.

Additionally, to provide total peace of mind and confidence we are happy to provide references whom you are free to contact.

Please take a look through our resources here. If you require any further information please feel free to drop us a line via our feedback form or telephone us on:

Central London 0207 993 8141


Adding to our triumph of design for the neighbourhood website of St Peters Leicester, Webwordwizards have been chosen to assist the Semilong Northampton neighbourhood website semilong.org by providing brand design consultancy along with web and graphic design services.


Get a fresh start to 2009 with a FREE visit from a qualified Leics Techs IT Systems Engineer to review your IT network system and to discuss with you any concerns or objectives you have for the system. 

It's time to make IT work how you want it to.

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Centre of Digital Media in Leicester

2007 saw us... Webwordwizards recognise the importance of richer digital media content in supporting the delivery of the objectives of our clients.

In the past 12 Months of 2008 we invested in resources and people that has enabled us to become digital media centric with HD Video on the web products that are simply years ahead of all others in our field.

No one else is doing what we are currently doing with Digital Media video on the web.

We invite you to take a look at our Digital Media projects and see for yourselves why we are not only at the centre of digital media creativity but at its very cutting edge.

Digital Media Examples at the following websites.


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To explore with us the options and possibilities of commissioning Digital Media such as our HD Web video to present your own products or services online please call us now.

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2166 124 (Voicemail)

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