Current Website Projects

Some of our current projects.

Neighbourhood Management Leicester
NeighbourHood Management in St Peters Leicester

High Cross Quarter Leicester
High Cross Quarter Website leicester.

Newlook Windows Leicester
newlook windows, replacement window door and conservatory manufacture and supply - leicester

Orient Psychology

MI Trust Leicester
mitrust - Located in the highcross Quarter Leicester

Selected past projects

Afrikan Leicester

Aesthetically Driven Websites... Different by Look... Different by Design.

If we agree that it is better not to have a website than to have a badly designed one, it raises the question as to what is a good website.

Here is a screen capture of a website we created for Jaguar Motors camping and caravanning club. Design is important to Jaguar in their products and so no lesser standard was required in the creation of this site for them. At webwordwizards we instinctively knew how to bring colour, content and structure together in a way that puts your message across as effectively as possible and was in keeping with the Jaguar brand.

web design leicester

At Webwordwizards we believe good websites are

  1. Uncluttered, with plenty of clear space. We will not drown your visitors in a deluge of clutter and needless image and text content.
  2. Made with using as few colours as is practical. Usually 3 or 4 at the most inc white, black and gray. All too often we see websites where they couldn't decide what colour to use so they have used them all.
  3. Menu's are intuitive and get the visitor where they need to be in as few clicks as possible. We can proudly boast menu systems that get the visitor where they need to go in just one click in some of our designs.
  4. Editable by the site owners using basic word processing skills from their own computers.
  5. Designed to perform at optimum on search engines.
  6. Discrete and subtle. The site owners content is king. The website should not compete with the content for attention. If the visitor has to take time to focus and visually distinguish content against the back drop of the website then the web designer has missed the entire point. The website is there for the content... not to bedazzle the visitor with web design.

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The United Nations WIPO rules in our favour against Highcross Leicester developers Hammerson Plc.
Click ---> Highcross for more info

Download same Highcross Name Battle statement in PDF ---> Highcross

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